BA Music Performance (EN)

Artistic, academic and professional modules support students in the practical development of an artistic career as a musician. This Bachelor of Arts degree certifies that graduates are able to independently develop and implement their own artistic concepts as musicians. It also entitles them to take up further Master’s programmes at colleges and universities.

The Study Programme

The modules teach students the skills required to develop their own artistic activities and to engage with artistic research. Students broaden and deepen their technical and interpretative skills in a practical manner in line with their respective central artistic subject. This degree programme specifically qualifies students to engage artistically in the many different forms of contemporary musical life.

The Phases

Students are encouraged to settle into their respective programmes.

It is possible to change to another BA programme at the end of the orientation phase.(Condition: student must have passed an admission examination for future degree programme and an available study placement).

This phase provides the students with the basic knowledge necessary to complete their studies.

Practice-oriented study modules offer students the opportunity to build their own networks.

The modules are oriented towards the challenges and finalisation of the degree. The focus is on the final artistic examination and the student’s own Bachelor project.

Admission Requirement

Students must have passed the entrance examination, comprised of examination in the artistic main subject, examination in aural training and composition as well as examination in piano (except artistic main subject piano).


Each part of the examination is assessed by means of a point system. The sum of the points achieved determines the ranking of the applicants in the allocation of available study placements.


The Directorate of Studies is responsible for crediting competences acquired prior to the degree course; applications can be submitted here. The decision on the content is made by a credit commission.

Additional information including forms can be found here.

Following the Admission Exam

All study applicants will be notified by the Directorate of Studies as soon as they have been admitted by the Admissions Committee.

There is no guarantee of a study place if the admission examination is passed successfully. A study place is allocated depending on the number of available study places.

Proof of Language Proficiency

Applicants whose first language is not German must provide proof of proficiency in German at Level B1 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages until the end of the first semester.

Study Fees

The study fees are based on the origin of the students and consist of the semester fee and the fee of the Austrian National Union of Students.

EU citizen: € 270 per semester
Non-EU citizen: € 590 per semester
Fee of the Austrian National Union of Students (ÖH): € 22.70 per semester