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The Research Service at Stella Vorarlberg primarily acts as an advisory and mediation office in the field of research and research transfer. It acts as a link between the university administration, researchers, teaching staff and students, political institutions and committees, potential (public) funding bodies and (private) donors, non-university cooperation partners and the general public. The following service areas are assigned to the Research Service:

This service area primarily comprises the support and funding of research projects and includes individual advisory sessions and workshops aimed at supporting researchers in the planning and development of their projects. In addition, comprehensive support is provided in the application process and the identification of suitable regional, national and international funding opportunities. Special attention is also paid to support in the area of project administration to ensure efficient management, comprehensive documentation and transparent accounting.

The successful implementation of research projects requires the provision and creation of resources at various levels. The Research Service therefore endeavors to diversify funding sources for research projects, identify potential for improvement in IT and research infrastructure as well as in research data management, and to facilitate continuous further education on research-related topics through workshops and training courses as well as the creation of incentives (prizes, funding) for excellent research projects.

Another central task of the research service concerns the development of joint concepts for the integration of research results into teaching in order to ensure research-led teaching. We also emphasize the social relevance of our research work by cooperating with cultural and economic institutions and by designing communication formats for the interested public.

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Head of Research Service
Bernhard Achhorner

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