Music Education

Music pedagogical research in the field of instrumental/vocal pedagogy is particularly concerned with qualitative empirical projects. These projects, on the one hand, focus on applied videography research for the further development of students’ artistic skills and, on the other hand, aim to improve students’ teaching skills via feedback loops through videography research. Video analyses can be used to make processes visible in a targeted manner, processes that also reveal the potential of inclusive modes of action (or possible exclusionary behaviors) and which can be developed into best practice examples in consultation with several researchers.

Innovative tools also make use of the integration of AI. The repertoire of teaching methods can be expanded through empirical research with regard to greater differentiation, which can also serve as an aid for future teachers when making pedagogical decisions. The chair’s other projects also include work in the field of talent and expertise research, field research at extracurricular educational locations, e.g. at music schools and other partners in the Vorarlberg region, as well as expanding the methods of artistic research.