The research activities at Stella Vorarlberg Private University College for Music are broadly diversified in terms of method and content and focus on various areas, including the Development and Exploration of the Arts (EEK), musicology, and music education.
This diversity is reflected in the integrative approach, which links teaching and research and involves both students and lecturers. A central focus is on promoting a diverse research culture that encourages innovation and creativity. This culture of research is strengthened through active participation in the global knowledge community and integration into research networks at international, national, and regional levels.

In order to effectively coordinate research projects and to optimize the research infrastructure, the Research Service plays a crucial role as a central coordination point. This ensures smooth and efficient cooperation between the various players. Stella Vorarlberg Private University College for Music attaches great importance to academic integrity and ethical standards in all research activities. This forms the basis for trustworthy and high-quality research results. In addition, the university is actively committed to gender and diversity in research. The aim is to create an inclusive research environment that encourages equal opportunities and diversity.

Research service

The Research Service at the Stella Vorarlberg primarily functions as an advisory and placement office in the field of research and research transfer.


Stella’s research field of musicology includes regional musicological research, folk music research in the Lake Constance region, and the Haid Folk Collection research project.

Music Education

The research focus Music Education examines learning processes in music education teaching-learning contexts and the research field Development and Exploration of the Arts (EEK) examines questions from the field of Artistic Research.

Development and Exploration of the Arts

Stella Vorarlberg Private University College for Music stands for enthusiasm for science and the development and exploration of the arts.

Research projects

Research projects at the Stella Vorarlberg Private University of Music

Head of Research Service
Bernhard Achhorner

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